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Photo of the Agassiz United Church

As disciples of Jesus Christ,

we integrate care, compassion, friendship, and support to all ages. We nurture our traditions by living as people of God through faith, caring and service. Our actions express our longing to make a difference in our community and the world.

† Join us for worship service †

Services every Sunday at 10:30 AM followed by refreshments and fellowship.

Everyone is welcome!

Agassiz United Church has been a part of the community for over one hundred years. As the community has grown and inevitably changed over the years, so has the church family. We cherish the connection to our past and its values, which have inspired us to continue to seek ways to connect with God.


Check the Announcements page for a summary, or click on the following link to view the full pdf file--> Announcements for January 28, 2024.

Download our latest Visitor Pamphlet: Visitor Pamphlet

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